Since 2006, we’ve been committed to providing exemplary service to some of the top names in the food + beverage and hospitality industry in the Southeast. Inspired by unforgettable meals, acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs, and extraordinary travel experiences, our team develops dynamic and personalized plans for each of our unique clients. With strong connections to media and community leaders, out-of-the-box ideas, and an eye on what’s next, we consistently deliver positive results, all the while having fun and eating great meals!

Meet Annie

Annie Byrd Hamnett grew up among the abundant beauty of North Carolina’s pristine beaches—and its Blue Ridge mountains. Her early days spent helping her grandparents at their Christmas tree farm in Spruce Pine, harvesting potatoes, exploring the woods, and shelling beans on the porch instilled in her an abiding love of nature and open spaces—and a lifelong curiosity about and deep connection to the things that matter, like family, food, and exploration.

Annie earned her degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—then hit the road in search of adventure. A stint in San Francisco, a study abroad in Italy, cooking school in France, a honeymoon in Bora Bora, a safari in South Africa, and her home near the beach in Charleston serve as inspiration and confirmation that the things she loves most can also be her life’s work.

Annie’s clients are her friends—people whose work and craft she admires, believes in, and wants to share with the world. Her expertise is evident in the way she mindfully and strategically shares all that she loves about her clients with the right people, in the right places, at the right moment. Her mix of creative, thoughtful communication and business acumen has earned her clients the praise, press, and respect she always wanted for them.

In her down time, Annie loves being with her husband, Matt and their young family: Matthew, Sadie, and crazy coonhounds, Birdie and Stella.

Get in touch with Annie at annie@byrdhousepr.com.

Meet Cat

Growing up in Ohio with a family who loved to eat out and explore new places, Cat Taylor’s passion for the hospitality industry ignited early. Glued to the Food Network, Cat experimented in the kitchen, trying new flavors and techniques and gathering her friends and family to sample her best efforts. She quickly learned the importance of gathering around the dinner table and fell in love with the dining experience.

Cat followed her taste buds to South Carolina to attend the College of Charleston, where she earned a B.A. in corporate communications. During college, Cat met Annie Byrd Hamnett and began working as her intern at Byrdhouse. It was Annie who showed Cat that she could make a living doing what she loved: talking about great food! Cat worked with Annie until she graduated, in addition to working as an intern at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, and then made her way to Chicago where she worked for several years at a national PR firm. In the Windy City, Cat worked with the Midwest’s best chefs and restaurants, from James Beard Award nominees to Michelin-starred establishments.

With Charleston still on her mind, Cat packed up and headed back South to work with her good friend and mentor, Annie. Together, they offer exemplary service to their clients by providing strategic plans, unique stories, and innovative ideas.

In her free time, Cat enjoys exploring Charleston’s many culinary delights, cooking in her tiny kitchen, and taking in the beauty that the city has to offer.

Get in touch with Cat at cat@byrdhousepr.com.